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Clock Spring – Komposit untuk Perbaikan Pipa


Composite repair technology is now approved for the permanent repair of defects common to high-pressure pipelines, including corrosion and other blunt defects, third party damage and mechanical damage. The number and type of composite repairs available is increasing. It is important to note that the regulatory language states that the composite repair should “permanently restore the serviceability of the pipe” as shown by “reliable engineering tests and analyses”. This performance-based language puts responsibility for the effectiveness of the repair on the pipeline operator. It is up to the operator to evaluate the technical data available for each repair system and determine if meets the “reliable engineering testing and analyses” guideline. The decision on which repairs actually meet the language of the regulations can be somewhat confusing. When considering repair methods for high-pressure steel pipelines Clock Spring® is the right choice.

Clock Spring®, a composite sleeve repair system, is the result of a rigorous development program directed by the pipeline industry through the Gas Research Institute (GRI), now Gas Technology Institute (GTI). The supporting documentation of the Clock Spring® development program was delivered to the Department of Transportation, Research and Special Programs Administration (DOT-RSPA) in 1998 and became the basis for changes to Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations regulating both gas and liquids pipelines.

There are two variants of the original Clock Spring product:

  • Clock Spring – the continuous coil for high pressure applications and
  • Snap Warp – a similar product but multiple layers of split-sleeves for lower pressure applications

More documents provided by Dimas Satya Lesmana (Clock Spring Company LP, PO Box 394, Bogor, Indonesia:

Clock Spring – Choosing a Composite Repair

Clock Spring – Managing Integrity of Piping using Composite Repairs

Clock Spring – Offshore Case Study

Clock Spring – A Composite Approach for Riser Reinforcement

Clock Spring – Texas Oil and Gas – Shawn’s Article

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